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Alcatraz Is Not an Island, 1999 (Open)

Alcatraz Is Not An Island, (Festival Premiere at the AIFF 1999, Sundance Screening  2001, national PBS Broadcast 2002-2006) Executive Producer: Millie Ketcheshawno (Mvskoke) Producer: Jon Plutte Writer, Cinematographer, Director: James M. Fortier (Biigtigong Nishnaabeg First Nation -Formerly The Ojibways of the Pic River) Associate Producer/Historical Consultant: Dr. Troy Johnson Editor: Mike Yearling For thousands of […]

Pulling Together, 2003

2003 verité documentary for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe near Tacoma, WA. Reflecting the traditions of their ancestors, the Muckleshoot canoe “family” learns to put the group before the individual in order to survive the often treacherous waters of Washington’s Puget Sound. Chronicling their 14-day odyssey during Tribal Canoe Journey – 2003, filmmaker James M. Fortier […]