Interview with my Great Aunt Mary Michano Lees, Elder of the Biigtigong Nishnaabeg First Nation (Pic River Ojibway), 2012

L-R: Agnes Finlayson-Michano, oldest son Raymond Michano, & Robert Michano Sr.
L-R: Great Uncle Robert Michano Jr, James M Fortier, & Great Aunt Mary Michano Lees. Taken after the Heron Bay/Pic River community premiere screening of “Gift From the Elders” in 2013.

I interviewed my Great Aunt Mary, youngest sibling of my grandmother Doris Finlayson/Michano/Fortier, in August 2012, for our documentary “Gifts From the Elders” with the participation of the Biigtigong Nishnaabeg First Nation (Heron Bay/Pic River) Ojibway community including many other elders both on and off the reserve and college age youth. This is the full unedited interview. In it, Mary describes growing up in Heron Bay and Port Coldwell, and reminisces about her childhood with many fond and precious memories of her mother, Agnes Finlayson and her father Robert Michano, Sr. Aunt Mary recently turned 86 years of age. She is a living treasure and I thank her for sharing these precious stories and memories with me and the community, miigwetch Mary!

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