Looks Into the Night, 1997

James and Valerie Red Horse. 1997 AIFF Best Live Action Short
James filming in Thousand Oaks, CA with Kim Norris and Valerie Red Horse

Short live action drama shot on Betacam SP in 1995  in the Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, CA areas, including the Chumash Interpretive Center in Thousand Oaks,  featuring Canadian Métis/Cree actress Tantoo Cardinal. One of the first contemporary Native American dramas using an almost entirely Native American crew.


Starring: Valerie Red-Horse, Kimberly Norris, Tantoo Cardinal and Patricia Van Ingen.Screenplay by Valerie Red-Horse and Marcie Rendon. Based on a story by Lorraine Norrgard.Directed by Lorraine Norrgard.Executive Producers: Lorraine Norrgard and Sonny SkyhawkProducers: Roger Ellis and Valerie Red-HorseDirector of Photography: James M. Fortier
Edited by Mo Donahue


Producer/Director Lorraine Norrgard, DP James Fortier and Chumash Cultural Advisor, Elder Adelina Padilla at the Dreamspeakers Film Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, CA, 1997.

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