Searching for Sequoyah (Institutional 2-Disc Blu-Ray Set & Vimeo Limited Streaming License) Click on Image for details.


The 2-Disc Blu-Ray set is now available. Disc 1 includes the 57-minute PBS Broadcast version and the longer 62-minute Film Festival version. Disc 2 includes the Film Festival version with Spanish subtitles and five bonus scenes (English) not included in the original film. The Blu-Ray offering is available for Educational and Institutional purchase with or without Public Performance Rights through an Online Streaming License, and it is also available for personal home video purchase at a much lower price without any PPR including classroom instruction. Turtle Island Productions offers a sliding scale for Native American and First Nation institutions and non-profits operating on limited budgets. The PPR Streaming Licenses are available now, so please contact if you have questions. Below is  the option and pricing breakdown.

Institutional Purchase Options & Pricing:

1. Blu-Ray 2-Disc Set: $200 (Excludes PPR; only in-classroom, face-to face regular curricula presentation or library access allowed)

2. Limited PPR includes an Online Streaming License with a Link/Password access point via TIP Vimeo Channel for streaming access for faculty, staff and students: $200. (License is in effect as long as the Turtle Island Productions Vimeo account remains active. Does not include a copy of the Blu-Ray set)

3. Blu-Ray 2-Disc Set & Link/Password to TIP Vimeo channel for streaming access for faculty, staff and students: $350

4. In Perpetuity PPR and Streaming License w/Digital Copy to be hosted on licensee password protected/encrypted server or third-party server: $500

5. Blu-Ray 2-Disc Set & PPR In Perpetuity Streaming License w/Digital Copy to be hosted on licensee password protected/encrypted server or third-party server. $650.

Personal/Home Video Pricing:

1. Home video for personal use excluding classroom presentation Blu-Ray 2-Disc Set: $50 (Includes Priority Mail shipping (US) Additional shipping fees will apply for international orders TBD.)

“Searching for Sequoyah” is the first documentary feature to chronicle the legendary accomplishments and mysterious death of the famed Cherokee visionary, Sequoyah, whose English name was George Guess. While much is known about Sequoyah’s many accomplishments, very little is known about the man himself. The greatest mystery is not that he created the Cherokee writing system, or syllabary, but rather the details of his final journey to Mexico and the circumstances of his death. After removal from their southeast homelands separated some Cherokees as far as Mexico, Sequoyah set out late in life to reunite the Cherokee people in their new capitol, Tahlequah – Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). From Tuskegee, Tennessee to Zaragoza, Mexico – “Searching for Sequoyah” takes viewers on a journey retracing Sequoyah’s final quest, the mystery surrounding his death and the legacy he left behind.

Contact if you have any questions prior to ordering.


Executive Producers for Vision Maker Media
Shirley K. Sneve (Sicungu Rosebud Sioux)
Francene J. Blythe-Lewis( Diné, Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota, Eastern Band Cherokee)
Producers: James M. Fortier (Biigtigong Nishnawbeg First Nation)
LeAnne Howe (Choctaw Nation)
Co-Producer: Joshua B. Nelson, Ph.D. (Cherokee Nation)
Narrator and Host: Joshua B. Nelson
Music Supervisor: Jerod Impichchaachaaha’ Tate (Chickasaw)
Theme Song by Jennifer Kreisberg (Tuscarora)
Additional Musicians
Jennifer Kreisberg
Kathrine Barrick (Chickasaw)
Written by: LeAnne Howe, James M. Fortier, Joshua B. Nelson
Directed and Edited by James M. Fortier
Director of Photography: James M. Fortier
Production Managers: Amanda Cuellar & Julianna Brannum (Comanche)
Animation Artists:
Joseph Erb (Cherokee) & Jonathan Thunder (Ojibwe)
Winnie Guess Perdue (Cherokee Nation)
Sequoyah Guess (United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians)
Verna Bates (Cherokee Nation)
John Ross (United Keetoowah Band of Cherokee Indians)
Nathan Wolfe (Cherokee Nation)
Brett H. Riggs
Charlie Rhodarmer
Daniel Heath Justice (Cherokee Nation)
Julie L. Reed (Cherokee Nation)
Roy Boney, Jr. (Cherokee Nation)
Candessa Tehee (Cherokee Nation)
Lynne Harlan (Eastern Band ofCherokee Indians)
David Hampton (Cherokee Nation)
Mosiah Bluecloud (Kickapoo Tribe of Oklahoma)
Jeff Briley
Alberto Galindo
Dulce Robles Herrera (Negros Mascogos)
Leoncio Martínez Sánchez
Virginia Zertuche Flores
Re-enactment Scenes:
James Greg Bilby (Sequoyah)
Samantha Roberts (Sally, Sequoyah’s wife)
Olivia Nicole Daughtery (Ayoka, Sequoyah’s daughter)
Nod T. Grayson
Geoffrey Little