Pulling Together, 2003

2003 verité documentary for the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe near Tacoma, WA. Reflecting the traditions of their ancestors, the Muckleshoot canoe “family” learns to put the group before the individual in order to survive the often treacherous waters of Washington’s Puget Sound. Chronicling their 14-day odyssey during Tribal Canoe Journey – 2003, filmmaker James M. Fortier (Biigtigong Nishnaabeg First Nation – Ojibway) captures the heart, and the heartache of one tribe’s determined effort to revive their traditional canoe culture. This is a story of unity; of a group of Muckleshoot youth, men, women, and elders representing their tribal community, learning to work together in order to overcome physical challenges, cultural differences, and personal obstacles on a journey of self-discovery and cultural renewal. As canoe family member Les Nelson Jr. said, “The strongest person in the world cannot pull the canoe alone, you have to pull together.”



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