Tansi! Nehiyawetan Season 3 Episode 10 “Music”, 2010

I was the Director of Photography for 3 seasons on Loretta Todd’s (Métis-Cree) children’s series “Tansi! Nehiyawetan”, which aired on APTN. Filming took place in Vancouver and the surrounding area. 2007, 2008, 2010.

Tansi! Nehiyawetan invites children to learn Cree with Kai, Kayla, and Auntie Josephine through kinetic games, absorbing stories, compelling songs and dynamic adventures. Join Kai and Kayla as they find out about Cree culture and language while they go on learning adventures in the colourful city of Vancouver. Nehiyawetan incorporates words that reflect what kids are interested in, like Space, Art, Sports, Pow-wows, Music, Animals, Christmas, and even Scary Stuff. On their adventures, Kai and Kayla meet accomplished Aboriginal people like John Herrington, the first Aboriginal astronaut to walk in space, celebrated Aboriginal actress Tantoo Cardinal, and Olympic design artist and Musqueam weaver Debra Sparrow. Using music to help teach Cree, Tansi! Nehiyawetan showcases award-winning Aboriginal music guests including Art Napoleon, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, and Jason Burnstick, who share sing-along songs in Cree.

Start the music! Kai and Kayla learn the words for music, and Ostwelve drops by to create a hip tune and jam with all the kids at home. Kai, Kayla and Auntie Josephine visit a music store and get to try out some musical instruments. Musical guest, Renae Morriseau returns for another sing-along, and Amy Wutunee joins in to sing the Cree alphabets.


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