Wawatay: Maker of Light, 2023

“Wawatay: Maker of Light” is a sequel to my 2013 documentary “Gifts from the Elders” to mark the original film’s 10th anniversary, using hours of mostly unused footage filmed at Heron Bay/Pic River (Biigtigong Nishanaabeg First Nation Reserve) in 2012. It is more of a long form music video set to verité cinema footage to honor the elders from the original film, some of whom who have passed on. It includes only one on-camera interview, and features ten songs from Tutchone musician Jerry Alfred (still securing licensing at this point). This is my gift too the Biigtigong Nishanaabeg First Nation community.  There are no plans to enter it in film festivals. This was more of a passion project. Here’s the link to my private YouTube listing for access.

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