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Formerly on eBay since 2010

Growing up in the Chicago area in the 1970s, I was raised on Rock ‘N’ Roll vinyl (ok, also on 8-Track, and later cassette tapes), and I have been collecting records since I bought my first LP in grade seven (Steppenwolf Live). I began selling records on eBay in 2010 and averaged a 99%-100% Positive Feedback score. I left eBay and took down my store during the COVID-19 Pandemic for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to eBay’s new restrictive and punitive seller policies and increasing fees. I chose the name “Waxx Traxx” in homage to the famed Chicago record store and punk record label Wax Trax, which I visited often in the late 1970’s and early 1980s, until I moved to California in 1983. Here you will find listings for individual Rock, Blues and Jazz LPs, as well as the occasional odd ball title. All records have been researched regarding their issue and pressings and have been thoroughly cleaned and visually graded. I will also include my play grade notes for the LPs that have been play tested.

Visually Grading Records:

I use a modified condensed version of the Goldmine Record Album Price Guide to determine the visual grade or condition of each LP. I include a simpler, brief description in green below. For those more familiar with the Goldmine grading system, I provide the equivalent Goldmine grade as well. By default, since these are “used” records, even if still sealed, none can be considered in “Mint condition.”

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